Our vision and values

We are one of Sweden's largest measurement companies with satisfied customers and employees in continuous development.
Our vision is to provide projects with metrological solutions and production control methods with quality and structure that enable everyone to know what needs to be done in a timely and safe manner. We believe that a rectified approach creates confidence and simplicity as well as beds for the best profitability.


We are committed to every mission and are there when and where needed. By working uniformly, the individual becomes a strong resource that can best use his knowledge and experience.


We take care of our customers and employees and it should permeate our way of working. We want to work side by side with our customers, which paves the way for personal development.


Our employees are dedicated, knowledgeable and loyal. We constantly strive to learn new and develop. Practicing measurement in practice is usually easier than knowing the theory behind what value is displayed.

Geoteam Nord AB

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Geoteam Nord AB
Kylgränd 6A
906 20 Umeå

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